Agent-Based Modeling

Introductory Materials

  • A resource page courtesy of Nicolas Malleson and the SIMSOC listserv.
  • An online guide for new-comers to ABMs, maintained by Robert Axelrod and Leigh Tesfatsion – leaders in the field of agent-based computational economics.
  • An article from Eric Bonabeau that provides a good entry point for students into ABMs.
  • An article by Joshua Epstein that provides an interesting and simple application of ABM to modeling civil violence.
  • Some other good papers that introduce the philosophy and practice of ABM:
    • Macy & Willer (2002), From factors to actors: Computational sociology and agent-based modelling, Annu. Rev. Sociol (28), 143-66
    • O’Sullivan & Haklay (2000), Agent-based models and individualism: is the world agent-based?, Env. & Plan. A (32), 1409-25
    • Castle & Crooks (2006), Principles and concepts of agent-based modelling for developing geographical simulations, CASA working paper series, 110

Key Articles


Online Resources


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